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Customer _______________________________________________________ Inspection Fee: $ ___________

Address ______________________________________________________________________________________

I (Customer) hereby request a limited visual inspection of the structure at the above address to be conducted by the above named company (Inspector) for my sole use and benefit. I understand that I am bound by all terms of this contract, and that the inspection fees are immediately due and payable upon completion of the inspection or late/bad check fees will apply.


Inspector will perform a limited visual inspection to identify the general features and major deficiencies of the property in accordance with the American Society of Home Inspectors® “Standards of Practice” and/or the “Standards of Professional Practice for Arizona Home Inspectors” (available upon request). The inspection will address major components and systems such as: site grading, structure, roof, heating & cooling, visible portions of plumbing & electrical systems, built-in appliances, doors and windows to provide the Customer with a better understanding of property conditions. Any area which is not exposed to view or is inaccessible because of soil, walls, floors, carpets, ceilings, furnishings, or any other items is not included in this inspection. The inspection does not include any destructive testing or dismantling. Customer agrees to assume the risk for all conditions which are concealed from view at the time of the inspection or are outside the inspection scope. This is not a warranty, guarantee, insurance policy or substitute for the seller property disclosure.

Whether or not they are concealed, the following are OUTSIDE THE SCOPE OF THIS INSPECTION:
Cosmetic or subjective defects; building code or zoning ordinance violations; geological stability or soil conditions; flood potential determination; structural certification or engineering analysis; presence/damage caused by termites, pests or wood rot; building value appraisal; cost estimates; specific components noted as being excluded on the inspection forms; systems shut down or inactive; private water or sewage systems or any component thereof; buried piping; fountains; shower pans; saunas; mist systems; steam baths & equipment; ponds; out buildings of any kind except garage or carport; landscaping; vacuum systems; load control devises; audio/alarm/intercom system; thermostatic, motion, light sensitive, and time clock controls; telephone or television systems; security/display lighting; water conditioners or circulating devices; solar systems; fire sprinklers & piping; hidden moisture or the hermetic seal of dual-glazed windows and skylights; sink/tub overflows; heat exchangers; freestanding appliances, or other personal property; gas fired cooling systems; humidifiers; electronic air cleaners; environmental conditions such as asbestos, radon, formaldehyde, lead, water pollutants, sick building syndrome, air quality, toxic or flammable substances, electromagnetic fields, noise, fungus/molds, carcinogens; adequacy or efficiency of any system, or prediction of life expectancy; manufacturer's recalls. The inspection will not include any arras that has access or clearance less than twenty-four (24) inches in any direction, or is not safely accessible from a fourteen (14) foot ladder.

Your inspector is a property inspection generalist and is not acting as a licensed engineer or expert sin every trade. If you inspector recommends consulting other specialized experts, Customer is directed to do so at Customer's expense. Any items not specifically addressed in the written report are considered beyond the scope of this inspection and are excluded. No verbal statements or information provided as a courtesy by the inspector shall expand the scope of the inspection take precedence over the inspection report.


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